STERILSYSTEMS GmbH is one of the pioneers in the development of devices for UV-C-air sterilisation, UV-C-water purification, UV-C-surface sterilisation, as well as neutralisation and drying of room air.

The power of the sunlight has inspired us to establish new benchmarks for the highest hygiene standards – completely without using chemicals. For more than 30 years, STERILSYSTEMS GmbH is one of the pioneers for the development of highly effective UV-C devices for the air and surface sterilization, for the water disinfection and odor neutralization. The increasing requirements of our customers always encouraged us to further develop our products and to find new solutions. This is why the strengths of our company include customer orientation and flexibility.

Highest quality is our objective – for consultations as well as for the production of our high quality products. This quality claim is confirmed by a large number of references of different characteristics: we are valued as a reliable partner for UV-C disinfection solutions by leading international industrial companies as well as craft companies.

Our UV-C product are versatile and so are the application areas for the products. STERILSYSTEMS is a system supplier for UV-C technology acting Europe-wide with an international orientation – the food industry, the food crafts, the water suppliers, the air conditioning and ventilation systems as well as the laboratory and pharmaceutical systems depend on our innovative UV-C technology.